InStyle’s 20th Anniversary… A sight for sore eyes 

With a top-notch step & repeat to an all-star crowd you enter the Paramount Hotel’s Diamond Horseshoe Theater. You walk into an underground location which gives you the immediate feeling of seclusion and exclusivity.

You are greeted at the door with a flute of champagne and an array of beautiful people. The event space was sprinkled with waiters who circulated the room with hors d’euvres and specialty cocktails throughout the entire night.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The crowd was A-list and the décor was priceless.  From the mesmerizing architectural design of the space to the  entrancing views of the ceiling, you couldn’t help but gaze in awe.

This event was like no other, mix and mingling was just the beginning.

You could get a temporary tattoo called “Flash Tattoo’s” at a station located on the grand floor of the club.  You could visit the back room which felt like a passage way to an even more exclusive party.  The back room contained Maybelline makeup products and Garnier hair products, (who were our co-sponsors) touch-up stations and supplies.

Then there was the photo booth…with so many props, ranging from mustaches & hats to glasses & masquerade mask it was definitely an experience. The attendant would push the start button and your memories were captured.

The Photo booth Company Onomonomedia was pro-paperless which was a plus. No pictures were printed.. to retain your memories you had to do it via email.

To end the event on a high note, the surprise musical performance was Niko & Vince! They were captivating and the crowd was entranced. The night ended with good sultry music, cool gift bags and a dispersing crowd at midnight.

Mark Stephen produced this unforgettable event experience. 

Mark Testa